Found my old Rover820i

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Found my old Rover820i

Post by cgc » Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:10 pm

I decided recently to see if a Google search of my old rover 820i registration number revealed anything about its where abouts, did it have a good home as I knew it was sold on from the person that had it off me. H529JNM - and yes i found it on these pages, under "cars for sale", its an old post but was I pleased to find it, what superb photos - I owned this car from September 1992 to April 2012 - yes it was a superb car, it never failed to get me home. I covered about 160,000 miles, towed our caravan everywhere even into Europe with her. I kept every bit of paper relating to its life, I was sorry - nay devastated when I had to move her on, but i just had not got the room - I did not want to scrap it - it was too good I just wanted it to have a caring owner like me for the rest of its days.

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