Samsung Tocco F-480 for sale - NOW SOLD!

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Samsung Tocco F-480 for sale - NOW SOLD!

Post by scoobyh123 » Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:07 pm

Hi All,

thanks to an upgrade, i now have my faithful old Samsung Tocco F-480 for sale, complete with many accessories except the personal wired handsfree as i wouldn't want to stick a second hand earpiece in my ear and wouldn't expect others to do the same! Personal wired handsfree headsets can be picked up for peanuts on fleabay anyway so it's no great loss!

Anyway, the phone itself is in good working condition, a few minor scratches/marks as you'd expect of a 2 year old phone but nothing major.
Will try to post some pics later (still working out how to do that on my new phone :? ) but in the meantime, here's what you get with the phone :

Original Presentation Box
Phone itself (obviously! :roll: )
Mains charger
Car charger (never used, still in plastic bag!)
In car cradle (Suction mount to windscreen with proper cradle for the phone, not a "universal" thing!)
Software CD ROM (updates free from
Silicon rubber case
Alternative battery cover with "wrap-round" leather "flip" to protect the screen/buttons
USB lead to connect to pc
The lead for the handsfree headphones to plug into

Think that covers it all - the full spec can be found here so you can see more or less what it looks like and what it does/doesn't do.

It's on Orange at the moment, i daresay it could be unlocked quite easily/cheaply but if i were to have it unlocked it would have to be at the buyers risk after full payment. Probably better for the buyer to unlock it themselves! Failing that if you're not with Orange , they do SIM cards free of charge and you can keep your old number if you fancy a change.

Finally, i'm after £25 or a sensible offer plus P&P or you can collect if you're near enough. At a guess the P&P will be in the region of £5-8 just as a guide - i'll get a firmer price if someone is interested in the phone.

Would prefer a quick sale and the quicker it is, the more i'd be willing to budge on the price. Currently these are selling on ebay for between £20 (for a rough one) to £50-60 for a nice one with all the accessories. I know what i'd get for it on one of those recycling websites but i'd rather see it used properly.

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