It's not Rover related, but what the heck..

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It's not Rover related, but what the heck..

Post by Charles827si » Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:31 pm

So, there is I think still a proportion of Americans who love their 'stick shift' (manual trans) cars. Soon it will be both an elite and obsolete club, with these semi-auto/flappy paddle whatsit magiggley things.. :? ... -automatic
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Re: It's not Rover related, but what the heck..

Post by scoobyh123 » Fri Oct 30, 2015 2:16 am

Living in what's known locally as "Little America " (or "LA" for short or if you're trying to be flash) i know from a friend who used to run a car rental business that the Americans have a roughly 50/50 split between those that prefer a stick and those that have no preference/prefer autos.
That said the majority of his demographic were flying F-15s and similar when they weren't driving his 800s so perhaps understandable that they'd want a stick to play with on the road as well as in the air.
However, the other half of them just didn't want the grief of having to think too much because their brains hurt from concentrating on flying that plane!

However, i do agree the Wrangler should be a stick, it's much more "utilitarian" than other Jeep models like the Cherokee/Grand Cherokee which were only available in auto if you opted for the 4.0 HO straight 6 with manuals being available on the 2.5 4-pot petrol and diesel (VM4.25 - sound familiar to anyone? :D ) but the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee are more "civilised" than the Wrangler. Allegedly....................

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