Pride of Longbridge 2015 (pic heavy)

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Re: Pride of Longbridge 2015 (pic heavy)

Post by rovercoup » Wed Apr 22, 2015 6:13 pm

well done sir. is it really tony ponds old car then.[/quote]

No. I wish it was.

The car itself was owned from new by a Rover test driver who new Tony Pond very well and after he had completed his TT record ordered himself a Vitesse (this one) specing the upgrades on the brakes and suspension as per the TT car, or so the story goes.

The person that gave me information didn't need too, but was a previous owner of the car before myself. He contacted me out of the blue giving me these details. He was the 2nd owner directly after the retired Rover test driver sold it and it was he that made this claim to him.

Nice if it is true but since then the test driver and Tony Pond have passed away so proving such details would be hard, but it is a nice story nevertheless.
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Re: Pride of Longbridge 2015 (pic heavy)

Post by midnite » Wed Apr 22, 2015 6:49 pm

so what brakes and suspension is on it then.
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Re: Pride of Longbridge 2015 (pic heavy)

Post by 820Vitesse » Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:43 am

Looked to be a fantastic day, I love all those original Rovers and Austins (even Allegros) well done to all the 800 crew, I will try very hard to be there next year.
Thanks for the pictures and comments, a good read.

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Re: Pride of Longbridge 2015 (pic heavy)

Post by Sterling » Sun May 03, 2015 11:58 pm

Fantastic pictures, thank you.

I have to get my car done and get to some shows this year.

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Re: Pride of Longbridge 2015 (pic heavy)

Post by TheOldMan » Mon May 04, 2015 7:33 am

Just noticed the Mk1 hatch at the end of the lineup.

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Re: Pride of Longbridge 2015 (pic heavy)

Post by Captain Sensible » Tue May 05, 2015 2:10 pm

That was a good day. Glad you managed to get pictures of the two Tickfords - those were lovely.

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