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Mister Auto (mister-auto.co.uk)

Post by TheVDM » Sun May 26, 2013 1:31 pm

I have never used Mister Auto before but decided to give them a try when buying my service parts for the 820 as they had more of the parts in stock and the prices for the name brands weren't too bad.

There service wasn't too special...

The negative points:
Despite their website quoting 48 hour delivery, part of the order arrived on the 2nd day, the other half arrived on the 4th day as it was shipped from France, luckily I wasn't planning on starting the service until 5 days after ordering.
One of the items that I ordered that was marked as in stock turned out NOT to be in stock (TRW rear brake discs), I have never liked it when companies advertise things as in stock when their not.

The good points:
The item that turned out to not be in stock was very promptly refunded with an apology email.
They messed up on my order and accidentally put in an extra 5l bottle of 5w-40 oil, although I wouldn't expect this every time.
Their communication is good, they send updates via text/email when there's something to notify about (part out of stock, order shipped etc...)

All in all, if you are not after parts urgently and their prices are right then they aren't too bad, but be warned that a part being in stock may not actually mean they have it.
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