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Your posts........

Post by Richard Moss » Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:09 am

The issue of "ownership" of posts etc has come up recently, so in order to clarify the situation, I have added the following disclaimer to the "rules" (the Read This Before Registering At Rover post and also Welcome To post)
Please note that in signing up to join the forum, you are giving your permission for to continue to display your posts, comments, photographs and other such material even if you leave, or are removed from, the forum
Obviously, this is a retrospective change for existing members, so if anyone objects to this new rule, please can you say so in a post below and it will be noted for if/when you everleave the forum.

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Re: Your posts........

Post by scoobyh123 » Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:06 pm

I think this is a useful addition to the rules/T&Cs of any forum Richard but i have one suggestion. As if whoever pulls the short straw on removing a particular persons posts/photos etc after they have left/been "invited to leave" doesn't have enough to do while doing that, would it be in some way possible tp provide a short précez of what the posts etc contained purely so that someone coming afterwards can at least get the gist of what they were about?

Obviously this won't always be necessary when it's something along the lines of a simple post agreeing with something said in another post or whatever but where the posts and/or photos were useful, maybe we could do something to keep the information without compromising the departed persons intellectual property for want of a better description.

Even just a short note to the effect there were one or more posts with/without photos explaining the process of XYZ and a link to a similar thread would be incredibly helpful.

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