Winter fixes

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Winter fixes

Post by rovercoup » Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:56 pm

During these long winter months we all have the oppourtunity to get down the garage and tend to some of the jobs needed to keep our cars in best condition.

One fix I came by this last weekend I thought i'd share with everyone. Some may have already used or done this but just in case no one has posted it up.

I checked my carpets out because of a musty damp smell inside the car and moisture on the windows. First checked and made sure of rear lamp seals which were ok so had to be sunroof drain channel tubes. On inspection the bung was still in the wing ok and had only a small amount of crud, which was cleaned out. However what I did see was the plastic/rubber tube coming down the A post barely went into the wing grommet.

Tried moving the tube down with pliers with no joy, not obviously stuck so only explanations I can come up with is that they were either short when fitted or have shrunk back over the years (20) with heat and cold. Searched around the garage looking for ideas of sealing,glueing etc when I found a piece of 15mm plumbers copper pipe. WOW perfect fit inside the grommet and over the drain tube.

Cut and deburred a 4" piece inserted into grommet nice and tight and pushed over tube and refit so no more water getting into car.

Also a good repair material I have come across while flicking through the internet. I haven't tried this on anything yet but looks very good and could possibly fix many areas on our cars where parts are NLA either new or 2nd hand. Its call SUPAFIX APX4 watch videos below.
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Re: Winter fixes

Post by zcar12 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:44 pm

Thanks for posting those videos, that stuff performs like a filler and super duper superglue all in in one, I was very impressed. That stuff could become as popular as Plastic Padding once was, when word gets around.

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Re: Winter fixes

Post by scoobyh123 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 10:46 pm

Thanks for that little tip Steve! I need to do the same to my Coupé as after refitting the drain hose from the roof into the wing drain grommet, it appears to have come out again! :roll:
Same goes for my Sterling as well! :roll: :roll:

I think last time i did the Sterling one i used a short length of 1/2" bore garden hose that would be about the same OD as the 15mm copper pipe but perhaps not rigid enough to stay put.

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