Anyone want a conservatory?!?

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Anyone want a conservatory?!?

Post by malcolm_durant » Sat May 16, 2009 10:50 pm

We've got a (quite large) conservatory in the garage.

I bought (and dismantled) it shortly before we moved to Chatham last summer as it was originally in our plans to add to the current house.

Stupidly I cocked up the measurements and it wouldn't fit as I'd hoped (the patio windows are much closer to the boundary than I thought and too high given the roof is pitched...and one of the neighbours has made noises about any fairly tall conservatory blocking his view too much).

It is in very fair condition for a 10 to 15 year old conservatory but I don't have any pictures of it assembled unfortunately. It looks very similar to the "Victorian" one on page 1 of this... I can easily supply pic's of the components stacked up in the garage though!!!

Key points are

- uPVC construction with full glass double-glazing and polycarbonate plastic panels for the (pitched) roof.
- The base is a double thickness brick dwarf wall and would be needed.
- I have everything above the brickwork except the window sills (I'd planned on making timber window sills).
- The approximate dimensions of the "footprint" are nearly 4m x 4m (the wall furthest from the house is actually three 1.36m windows angled like a bay window).
- There is a uPVC double door.
- The construction is modular, so the final conservatory could be rejigged from the intended plan.
- You really need to hire a hi-top Transit to move it (just squeezes in a regular Transit but I'd not recommend it).

I reckon to complete this giant Mecanno kit (in the format it was originally in) you'd need:
- some nous as my full plan of it has disappeared and I can only find the floorplan diagram I drew.
- bricks and concrete blocks for a foundation and dwarf wall
- new plastic window sills or wood to suit (the window sills are not structural, merely cosmetic)
- new aluminium tape for the double glazing (some of it was torn in dismantling and transporting)
- some replacement rubbers for the window seals (probably sensible rather than necessary)
- a big box of the appropriate galvanised self tapping screws
- some odd bits of guttering
- maybe a couple of lengths of the conservatory frame extrusions sold by people like Wickes as I had to cut two in half to take it down (although it would go back together well enough as is).

Any offers as I'm now desperate to get it out of the garage... :oops:


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